Anyone in Mountain Rescue?


I’m looking for some general mountain rescue advice on joining criteria, likely amount of training time, how call outs work etc etc?

Clearly going to speak to the local team is important, but if anyone has anything worthwhile to share that would be excellent

I have been thinking for some while I would like to do some kind of volunteer work, give something back etc, and potentially this fits the bill very well. It would be good to be in a position to help people in an environment that I want to spend time in.

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References: … ain-rescue

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Hey Joe, keeping that feeling of mine aside that you just fancy a few clicks on some websites for any reason (ads?), I just can give you that one advice: As you said yourself, just ask your local mountain rescue team. It depends a lot from where you actually are. Because that is where you can help. People in emergency situations don’t profit from help workers an hour away.
So please contact your local department. Either by finding out the ways to do so by yourself or by telling us where you reside, as we may be able to help you finding out how to contact them. As long as you are Austrian-based of course, as this is an Austrian board for emergency medicine.